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Erasmus MC is an international leading academic hospital. Erasmus MC staff, volunteers and students work with passion and dedication to achieve a safe, first-rate healthcare for patients with complex disorders, rare conditions or acute needs. Erasmus MC is recognized as a world-class scientific research organization. We aim to improve our understanding of diseases and disorders and help to predict, treat and prevent them

sep 15, 2022
Erasmus MC Rotterdam, Nederland
Job description You will contribute to the extension and further development of a world-leading computer simulation model for the evaluation of colorectal and gastric cancer screening and the use of this model to predict benefits, harms and cost-effectiveness of colorectal cancer prevention. You will be developing statistical and machine learning algorithms to efficiently determine the optimal screening strategy based on an individual’s age, sex and risk among more than 200,000 possible screening strategies. Colorectal and gastric cancer are leading causes of cancer death in Europe and other developed countries. Fortunately, early detection or screening has been proven to effectively prevent cancers and cancer death. In response, many countries have decide to offer cancer screening to their population to reduce morbidity and mortality from the disease. However, screening also poses serious harms, such as false-positive test results and overdiagnosis. We therefore have...