About us

About Econometrie.com

Econometrie.com is a career site intended for students and graduates with a quantitative background. The site provides companies the possibility of keeping students and graduates informed of their (thesis) internships, student employee positions, junior positions and more senior positions. Through our website companies also get to inform students and graduates about their business courses and inhousedays. Typical starter functions like financial consultants, data-analysts etc. can be found on our platform.

This website is owned and maintained by FAECTOR the school association for aspiring econometricians at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and one of two faculty associations at Erasmus School of Economics (ESE).  With successful events like the Quantitative Finance Tour (QFT),  Research Project (FRP), the Econometric Career Days (ECD) and the National Econometrics Day (Landelijke Econometristen Dag),  is the best way to establish yourself as an aspiring econometrician!

If you as a company are interested in or if you have any questions about hosting your vacancies on www.econometrie.com, please contact us through the contact page on the site.