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IMC is a market maker and one of the world’s leading trading firms. We are mathematicians, makers, and mavens. Traders, technologists, and tacticians. We think globally, commit locally, solve problems methodically and give back seriously. Being smart gets you in the door. Continuously striving for improvement and a restless curiosity will help you succeed.



Being a market maker means being ready to buy or sell securities at any time, facilitating the transfer of risk for market participants. Our highly-automated systems and trading strategies ensure tighter ‘spreads’ between bid and offer prices, reducing costs for buyers and sellers. Solving complex problems and learning constantly, we’ve played our part in making financial markets more efficient for almost 30 years.



We work better when we work together. Of course, with more than 500 people from many cultures and nationalities, working across time zones and locations, teamwork can be its own complex challenge. Good thing we like complex challenges!

The solution: an open, diverse culture built on trust, integrity, and the exchange of knowledge and ideas. And a team of driven, dynamic people empowered to be creative, to communicate openly, and to collaborate. Across offices in Amsterdam, Sydney and Chicago, we encourage our people to learn, improve and innovate, and give them all the support they need to do so.

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IMC Amsterdam, Nederland
jan 17, 2020
Are you someone who is passionate about challenging the status quo? Do you enjoy the process of problem solving, a process where you recognize areas of improvement and iterate and innovate to improve? Does your curiosity and desire to learn drive you? If so, join IMC as a Graduate Trader! Why? Because here your decisions have direct impact on the company's trading profits! IMC is a place where creativity, teamwork and innovation are recognized and rewarded. Traders actively build and enhance the quality of our electronic trading strategies, requiring superior analytical, mathematical, and computing skills.As a Graduate Trader, you will have the freedom to find your niche within the firm and excel. We hire the best because responsibility and ownership starts on day one! WHAT YOU'LL DO: Trade a range of financial instruments Manage execution and risk of complex trading portfolios Research new market opportunities Develop, maintain and enhance trading models, algorithms and systems Collaborate cross-functionally with engineers to understand and improve our technical infrastructure. YOUR FIRST SIX MONTHS As a trader at IMC, you will have the opportunity to work on global teams to learn from the best traders, quants, and engineers from around the world.You will participate in a global traineeship program focused on enhancing your knowledge of trading, programming, and mathematics. The training module consists of in-house courses and trading simulations developed and delivered by our experienced traders and engineers. You will visit at least one other office during the traineeship. Within two months you will start trading on the desk where you will continue to learn from a mentor.At IMC, we foster a supportive environment allowing you the freedom to contribute and assume real responsibility, even on day one. WHAT WE LOOK FOR: Student studying an analytical/quantitative or related field of study (mathematics, engineering, etc.) Experience with programming in Python (or MATLAB) is a strong advantage Interest in financial markets is a must, but no prior knowledge or experience is required Superb analytical and mathematical skills Ability to work successfully in a fast-moving and competitive environment Desire to work in a team environment is a must. OUR CULTURE We are at the core a trading firm, however we value trading and technology equally and we believe that cooperation between traders and technologists is one of our great strengths. This is also reflected in our organizational and remuneration policies. We believe in fostering a truly flat environment in which great ideas can be recognized as well as put into practice from anybody within our organization. WHO WE ARE IMC is among the world's leading technology-driven trading firms, and a market maker in securities listed on exchanges across the globe. Our cutting-edge technology drives everything we do. High performance algorithms, smart strategies and collaborative teams are the core of our business. Today, IMC is 500+ people working together to build software and trade financial products in our offices in Amsterdam, Chicago and Sydney. What does this mean for you? The chance to join a multi-national, multi-cultural team of exceptional individuals, focused on making IMC the world's best trading firm.