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VB Advisory solely consists of econometricians whom are specialised in data analytics and financial risk management and have vast experience working as consultants in the financial sector. These experienced consultants will guide you during your journey, but you determine which way you go.

Over the past 5 years, we have noticed that in order to have a successful career in the financial sector it is becoming ever more important to have a specific skillset. We have used our experience in the design of our Young Professionals Program to reflect that need for personal development. We prepare freshly graduated quants to make themselves indispensable in the financial sector by working four days week on a project and spending one full day working alongside your supervisor. This guarantees rapid improvement in the first few months. For example, learning how to design and develop specific models, perform stress tests or scenario analysis or how to look at the impact of new regulations you add value where others cannot. Focus will be on developing that skillset which gives you the opportunity to excel and the ability to add value on a short notice so that during the program your responsibility as well as your impact will increase significantly.

jun 27, 2022
Thesis Internship
VB Advisory Polarisavenue, Hoofddorp, Nederland
  Introduction The potential size of the global longevity risk transfer market is estimated between $60 trillion and $100 trillion. In contrast, the current size of the longevity risk transfer market is only around $80 billion. To accelerate the growth of the longevity risk transfer market towards its potential, VB Risk Advisory B.V. is currently working to establish a digital marketplace for longevity risk: Longitude Exchange; an InsurTech start-up. Longitude Exchange contains a range of longevity modelling and analysis tools that can be used to price and trade longevity risks. The purpose of the Longitude Exchange is to be a intermediary, for which better understanding of how different participants in the longevity risk value chain price index-based (but also indemnity) longevity structures is required. The longevity risk value chain consists of pension funds, life insurers, (life and general) reinsurers and capital market investors. Each link has their own...
jun 21, 2022
VB Advisory Amsterdam, Nederland
What are we looking for? Are you fascinated by thinking about how to improve things around you? Do you feel energized by crafting solutions, telling the story behind the numbers, improving financial models? Do you have that entrepreneurial spirit? If so, and if you are an aspiring quant, we want you to join our team! As a Junior Quantitative Consultant, you are part of a young, ambitious, talented and multidisciplinary team dedicated to various projects within the financial sector. You are introduced to the latest and greatest quantitative methodologies in the field of risk management. Moreover, you are at the core of the fundamental calculations of large banking and insurance companies. You will be working on hot topics like Market, Credit & Actuarial Risk, Capital Management, Liquidity & Treasury Risk and Financial Reporting. On a day to day basis you will be performing complex quantitative analyses and develop specialized models to support decision-making.....