Thesis Internship

  • Veneficus
  • Rotterdam, Nederland
  • jan 29, 2020
Thesis Internship Data Analyst

Job Description

Writing your thesis

Almost done with your study and looking for a place to write your thesis? Consider Veneficus! When working on our projects, you get to see the practical applications of data science right away. At Veneficus, we have several subjects we want to research further. For most of them we have data available which means you start right away.

Writing your thesis at Veneficus does not only give you the opportunity to take on a challenging project, you can also get a close look of how we work as a company. While working on your thesis, you will support our "regular" projects as well, if you want. This gives you a sense of what it would be like to work for Veneficus.

This is Veneficus

Veneficus consists of a team of data scientists, developers and engineers with a passion for data. Our primary goal is to deliver innovative and understandable insights to grow our clients. To achieve this, we deploy the online platform developed by ourselves. We focus on the following sectors:

  • Retail & E-commerce
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Public Sector

We think in terms of solutions and have a fresh, innovative view of the field. Our clients love our passionate approach and the successful results we achieve. We are eager to learn, always try out new stuff and also dare to make mistakes. But is is not all about algorithms, tools and advise. We like to alternate racking our brain over complex issues with playing a game of foosball. 

Thesis Topics

The thesis topics we are interested in range across the one mentioned below. If you have an interesting idea for a project you want to take on, let us know. If not, below is a topic we would like to see researched.

Pricing of in-kind (life) insurance policies (and what should we insure)

Insurance is not about money. It is about: whatever happens, I want to do something, or I want to make sure someone else can do something. This sounds vague. So, let's make it more concrete, for example:

  • I want to ensure that my children can go to university.
  • When I'm retired, I want to go on holiday two times per year.

In those cases, it is not always easy to estimate what amount you need to insure. Therefore, you should be insuring the activity itself instead of a fixed amount. The question is:

  • How can we price such policies?
  • Can we make a model for this? For example, using ALM model for pricing (this can be useful, because of the relationship between inflation, stock returns, interest, etc.).

Nevertheless, even though we want to price the activity, the financial component is important. It is necessary to determine what should be insured and what will be the future value / expenses. And how are returns related to the future value? It is also possible to make flexible premiums, but they should be linked to a pre-determined index.

At Veneficus, we are experienced in life insurance pricing models as well as valuation models. Furthermore, we know how to personalize using models from data science. This makes it unique to write your thesis at Veneficus! You can do a high-level research and get to know Veneficus and its markets as well.

How location influences real estate prices

Any real estate agent can tell you that location is one of the most important determinants for the price of a house. A small apartment in the center of Amsterdam might be sold for two times the price of a large house in Drenthe, while that same apartment would raise only half its price if it had been located in a suburb 15 kilometers outside of the city.

At Veneficus, we have made models to predict the value of houses for several clients in the real estate sector. We believe that these models might be significantly improved by using different approaches to incorporate the effects that location has on value. Some of the possible approaches that you could investigate during your thesis are:

  • Using clustering methods on house prices and/or neighborhood characteristics to distinguish between neighborhoods with cheap, moderately priced or expensive houses, and estimating separate models on these clusters.
  • Using the distance from a city center and/or the distance in travel time from a city center as an additional variable in our models.
  • Combining these approaches to create clusters based on the distance from a city center.

Of course, we would also love to hear any original ideas for other approaches that you might have! At Veneficus, you can thus combine high-level research with practical applicability, while getting to know our company and the markets in which we operate.


Are you interested in doing research at Veneficus? Do you like a challenge? If so, please send your resume and cover letter via the apply button. Would you like to know more about Veneficus and this position, please contact Mirjam Heek via +31104047333.