Data Analyst - Marketing & Sales

  • Amsterdam, Nederland
  • jan 07, 2020
Fulltime Quantitative Marketing Data Analyst

Job Description

Are you up for building and optimizing the commercial machine of one of the fastest growing software scale-ups in Northern Europe? Do you have the technical skills and business understanding to bring actionable insights and statistical rigor to the teams that propel us to world domination? Join ZIVVER as data analyst for marketing and sales!

ZIVVER is a technology scale-up that provides secure communication software to reduce the risk of data leaks for businesses. We are one of the fastest growing businesses in the Netherlands, having taken less than five years to go from a mere idea to hundreds of enterprise customers, over $15 million raised and 100 employees. We are shooting for world domination, and you can be a part of this!

As data analyst, you are at the core of everything we do in marketing and sales at ZIVVER. You help the marketing and sales teams build an effective machine for bringing people from 'I've never heard about ZIVVER' to 'I'm buying, here is my money'. To do this, you analyze data to determine how marketing can best drive interest in our product and how sales can best convert this interest to happy customers. You work closely with marketing and sales to understand their needs, use this knowledge to prioritize your own projects and build the infrastructure that makes your own life easier. In doing so, you work closely with your peers in the data team, who provide you with technical feedback and laugh at your geeky jokes. An awesome role in an awesome company.

Hot take

  • ROI is king.
  • People who 'want to do more with AI' make you itch.
  • Value delivered over technical novelty.

A day at ZIVVER

You walk into the office with a clear picture of what you want to get done today. You combine driving structural improvements in data infrastructure and analysis with serving the ongoing data needs of marketing and sales and need great focus to balance the two.

You start off by responding to feedback from your data team peers on your merge request. You are working on connecting web traffic data to data on sales opportunities in the data warehouse to better analyze the return on marketing spend. Having handled the comments, you join the data team stand-up and talk the team through your progress and your plan for the day. You spend an extra 15 minutes giving one of your fellow data team members advice on improving the performance of a churn prediction model that they are working on.

Next, you check in with the marketing team to report on your findings about a recent LinkedIn campaign that we ran. You recommend that we keep producing content on this topic, but try to more specifically target information security officers. The VP marketing mentions that a similar campaign was done a few months ago and asks you to confirm this by looking into which of leads generated by that campaign were actually converted to closed deals.

While you are at this, one of your sales colleagues stops by to ask about a lead qualification model that you recently released. Explaining is your thing: in less than 10 minutes she knows exactly which of her leads are hot and sprints back to her desk to start calling.

Near the end of the day you are done with the campaign analysis and can confirm that focusing on information security officers seems to give the best return. You see that your changes to the data warehouse have been accepted and released. You go home satisfied, knowing that you helped the sales and marketing teams determine what to do and that because of your work on infrastructure, you can do this even better tomorrow.

What will you do?

Meeting the short- and long term data needs of the marketing and sales teams, by

  • Understanding business needs and prioritising data analysis and infrastructure projects.
  • Working with data engineers to expose useful data.
  • Analyzing the exposed data to convert it to actionable insights.
  • Driving the basing of actions on insights through education and evangelization.

What do we offer?

  • Ownership of data for sales and marketing. You get the space to identify, prioritize and execute, supported by your data team colleagues.
  • Learning from leaders in marketing, sales and data, by sitting on the intersection between these teams.
  • An exciting, fast-growing environment: we are going for world domination, and you can be a part of it.
  • A competitive salary and pension plan: we pay well for talent.
  • Free lunch, a great office, and awesome people from all over the world to enjoy them with.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • At least €1.000,- per year on personal development budget.

What skills and experience do you need?

  • 1-5 years experience with data analysis.
  • A technical background (econometrics, computer science, applied mathematics, etc.).
  • Proven ability to define and prioritize projects based on business value.
  • Affinity with statistics and a strong ability to reason about data.
  • Knowledge of SQL, as well as Python, R or another scripting language.
  • Preferably, experience with analyzing data for B2B marketing, sales or customer success.

What kind of person do you need to be?

We need you to fit our company DNA: Smart, Simple and Secure.

  • Smart: value results over hierarchy and proactively look for better ways to get things done.
  • Simple: business value over tinkering.
  • Secure: keep customer secure by being secure yourself. People who don't lock their laptops bring cake :-).

On top of that, as a data analyst you need to be...

  • Rigorous: you help the company move beyond gut feeling.
  • Curious: eager to learn, always open to feedback and to trying new technologies.

Are you up for the challenge?

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Agency calls are not appreciated.