Data scientist planning and forecasting

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  • 5735 Aarle-Rixtel, Nederland
  • sep 01, 2021
Fulltime Operations Research Data Science

Job Description

As Data Scientist Planning and Forecastingyou help companies make better forecasting and planning decisions based on quantitative analysis and models. You are a creative mind with a passion for forecasting and planning algorithms and a fascination for big data.

Your role as data Scientist planning and forecasting

In your work, you deal with the three pillars of applied analytics: data engineering, model development and storytelling (presenting and visualizing results in an insightful, compelling and narrative way).
With a sharp analytical eye, you translate business challenges and opportunities into a design that you implement and embed in the customer's organization. Designing your solutions, you never lose sight of the people that work with them and the processes that they support.

At EyeOn you will work with the latest techniques, solutions and insights in the field of planning and forecasting. As believers in the future where data is the core and most decisions are made by machines, we are constantly developing ourselves and the techniques and methods we work with. We challenge you to do the same.

Your working location will mainly be at our office in Aarle-Rixtel.Our Forecasting & Planning and knowledge center is located in there.


  • Translating planning, forecasting and sensing challenges into a variety of mathematical decision support models;
  • Raising the efficiency and quality of applied analytics projects by standardizing and improving technical methods and applications, including the technical set-up, design, and scalability of our in-house plugins;
  • Contribute to the innovative power of EyeOn by running applied analytics lab projects;
  • Presenting results in a narrative and insightful way to managers and planners; e.g. Tableau, PowerBI.
  • Raising the expertise of EyeOn colleagues in the area of applied analytics.

Profile candidate

  • A completed university education and master’s degree in Operations Research, Industrial Engineering, Econometrics, or similar;
  • (Academic) experience in or affinity with supply chain planning and forecasting processes;
  • You enjoy translating complex real-life problems into mathematical models;
  • Experience with programming, preferably in Python (eg. Numpy, Pandas, Scipy, Scikit-learn);
  • Experience with processing and analyzing data (eg. SQL, Hadoop, Spark, Kubernetes);
  • Tech-savvy: eager to learn new technologies and applications;
  • Knowledge of, and experience with, typical data science techniques (regression, classification, clustering, math programming, simulation, etc.) ;

Data Science & Solution (DS²)

As Data Scientitst you will become part of the team Data Science & Solution (DS²), which is one of the most innovative teams within our industry. EyeOn (DS²)is the team that:

  • Performs data analysis and assessments based on analytical tools in Dataiku like R, Python, Matlab and Tableau
  • Implements cloud based planning solutions for our international customers like Astellas, Lekkerland, Sano Rice and Coca Cola
  • Helps companies make better forecasting and planning decisions based on quantitative analysis and analytical models.

We are creative minds with a passion for analytics, forecasting- and planning algorithms and a fascination for big data.
DS² is a believes in the future of IoT, Big Data and Machine Learning. They develop and implement new and innovative solutions for our customers based on the latest technologies and insights.

Why work for EyeOn?

  • A great place to work in a no-nonsense environment: you will work with colleagues that have absolute passion for supply chain planning and data science.
  • Challenging projects with large multinationals: varying in length from one week upto six months.
  • A healthy work/life balance: at EyeOn your private life is equally - if not more - important as your work.
  • Employee autonomy: you decide how you schedule your agenda, work and working location.
  • Focus on personal development: at EyeOn you create your own personal development program and we facilitate you in this.
  • Excellent employee benefits and perks including bonus potential: you can receive bonusses on personal development, on how well the company is doing and we have a good company lunch.
  • Lease car, public transportation business card, laptop, phone, reimbursement of expenses

An individual assessment is part of our selection procedure.

 For more information about applying, please contact Bart Geerts at or call +31 (0) 683340107

About EyeOn

In striving for success, large companies have to continuously struggle against growing internal complexity. We help our clients manage this complexity by designing, implementing and executing excellent planning processes as a discriminating factor for this success. In order to achieve this, we develop andshare knowledge about top level planning and forecasting, withconstantly demonstrable return on investment for our clients.