(Junior) Operations Manager

  • Northpool
  • Leiden, Nederland
  • sep 07, 2023
Fulltime Trading

Job Description


You have always wanted to be key operations controller in a fast-moving environment? You have  a natural drive of being very precise and keen in your daily routines? You can work under pressure  with short deadlines? Then take the challenge and become a Junior Operations Manager at  Northpool! 



Knowing first and acting first is key to making the trading business pay-off. As (Junior) Operations  Manager you will make sure the trading tools and systems run smoothly. You will sit side-by-side  with a seasoned trader and you will be aiding their trading: making sure all trading tools run  smoothly, taking care of communications, discussing decisions, and you will be the one making  sure the electrons are being sent across the power lines! 

Next to making sure the daily business runs smoothly, you will also learn what factors drive the  market, and how to use those factors to make the biggest impact. You will be trained by analysts  on how to give yourself and the traders the latest insights. Learn how to operate and interpret the  trading models and discussing the trading strategies with the traders. 

Besides your work on the daily shifts within the trading team you will assist in optimizing a smooth  workflow. In close cooperation with the Data Engineers and Data Scientists you will optimize the  tools for daily business and make sure they will not fail at the moment when they are most needed. 

Your challenge? Making sure of the smoothest operations possible and being the tower of  strength for the traders on these operations. 

Your goal? Using your skilful operational knowledge enabling the team to outperform the  competitive market and increase the efficiency of the energy system. As a junior operations  manager, you will learn to operate the trading tools in detail, get yourself familiar in resolving  issues as well as learning to communicate with the grid operators. In the first two months you will  be educated about the drivers that make the power market move. 

You will be trained on how to read the signs, make predictions, and use your skills to operate the  tools in the best way possible, so the trader will not have to worry about the operational processes.  

After four months you will start operating independently as operational support for the trader on  the desk. By operational perfection you make sure the trading team is working like a Swiss watch:  all perfectly aligned and working together. Off the desk you will focus on streamlining the  processes even further, testing newly to be used tools for the trading desk and making sure  (backup) procedures are documented and in place. 

The role as Operations Manager is diverse as you are the spider in the web for the trading team  on the shift. Making sure everything runs smoothly and the trader does not have to worry about  the operations and can focus on the different markets. Frequent communications with the Traders,  Energy Analysts, Data Engineers, and Data Scientist within the organization, as well as being first  point of contact for external trading related sources, like the grid operators or other market  participants, make this role an essential job within Northpool. 



• An analytical or quantitative degree at MSc level 

• Logical reason & problem-solving attitude 

• Good social and communication skills 

• Willing to work in the evenings and weekends 

• Powerful sense of responsibility & self-sufficient 

• Eye for perfection 

• Maximum of three years of work experience 



• Knowledge of energy markets and/or sustainable energy 

• Affinity for meteorology 

• A fast learner 

• Some programming skills 

• Pro-active and flexible work mentality 

• Experience in operational excellence 

• Interest in trading 



• Training, continuous learning and development opportunities 

• Competitive compensation package 

• Annual performance-based bonus 

• A non-hierarchical workplace 

• Young and highly motivated teammates 

• A career in trading 

• Steep learning curve and ownership in your work 

• A dynamic work environment where no two days are the same 

• Plenty of social events!