Junior Energy Trader

  • Northpool
  • Leiden, Nederland
  • jun 12, 2024
Fulltime Trading

Job Description


Do you have a competitive and innovative mindset? Do you want to be part of a young energetic  team and work in a dynamic environment? Do you have excellent analytical skills and a superb  arithmetical instinct? Do you thrive under pressure? Then a role as Intraday Energy Trader at  Northpool might be suited for you! 



You think you have the trading skills to thrive in one of the most volatile markets at the heart of  the energy transition. A highly competitive mindset is required to beat the European power  markets where multiple contracts across Europe close every 15 minutes. As a junior trader you  will become part of our intraday power trading team, which operates 24/7 365 days a year.  Together with your colleagues you will focus on the continuously changing market drivers and  come up with strategies to profit from the opportunities presented by these markets.  

Your challenge? Becoming a master in trading. Knowing the fundamental outlines of the market  circumstances, being able to correctly assess risk versus reward and capturing the market  opportunities. 

Your goal? Outperforming the competitive market, making the deals that count and becoming the  best Intraday Power Trader! 

As a Junior Intraday Trader, you will learn all the fundamentals of the European power markets.  You will learn to operate our trading tools in detail, and to create profitable trading strategies in  our simulation environment under the supervision of experienced traders. After the first couple of  months, you will join the trading shifts regularly to gain hands-on experience and learn directly  from the rest of the trading team. 

You will never see two days that are alike. A good trader requires the mental flexibility to adapt to  the different market situations. You must also be ‘thick-skinned’. Losses are a part of trading, not  all strategies are successful. However, you must learn to move forward from your losses and  focus on executing your trading plan. 

After the successful completion of your training program, you will lead trading shifts where you  are responsible for the trading result in multiple countries.  

As an independent trader, you are always developing your own trading skills to stay on top of your  game and keep beating the markets.  



• Outstanding analytical and mathematical skills 

• Logical reasoning & decisive under pressure 

• An analytical or quantitative degree at MSc level 

• Good social and communication skills 

• Willing to work in the evenings and weekends 

• Ambitious, responsible & self-sufficient 

• Maximum of three years of work experience 



• Interest in trading 

• A competitive mindset 

• Knowledge of energy markets and/or sustainable energy 

• Affinity for meteorology 

• A fast learner 

• Pro-active and flexible work mentality 

• Experience in programming languages (e.g., SQL and/or Python) 



• Training, continuous learning and development opportunities 

• Competitive compensation package 

• Annual performance-based bonus 

• A non-hierarchical workplace 

• Young and highly motivated teammates 

• A career in trading 

• Steep learning curve and ownership in your work 

• A dynamic work environment where no two days are the same 

• Plenty of social events!