AI Developer

  • Visma Resolve
  • Remote (Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Amersfoort)
  • okt 27, 2022
Fulltime Operations Research IT Data Science Software Engineer

Job Description

Do you want to develop the next generation of artificial intelligence services that streamline and improve the operation of small and large companies, hospitals, health care facilities, schools, and kindergartens in Europe?

If so, Visma Resolve is the place for you.

Resolve is spearheading the application of machine learning and optimization in Visma. Tasked with solving complex problems with AI, we utilize cloud computing to make our services available to the numerous software products across Visma. Resolve is also a hub for innovation, contributing to the creation of new products and raising the knowledge on machine learning and optimization throughout the entire company.

We are interested in people who

●    Are devoted to challenging the status quo

●    Have the ability to solve complex problems with the use of artificial intelligence in the form of machine learning or optimization

●    Are skilled programmers with a deep understanding of object-oriented programming

●    Are motivated to develop, deliver and operate optimization or machine learning services to thousands of end-users

●    Possess excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, in English and Dutch

We offer

●    The opportunity to contribute to strategically important and innovative development activities in one of Europe's fastest-growing software companies

●    An exceptional and supportive work environment

●    A vibrant learning arena for improving your AI, ML, optimization, and DevOps skills

●    Working with cutting-edge technologies and tools

●    Flexible work hours and workplace

●    Very favorable conditions

The work includes

●    A high level of impact and responsibility in the projects you will be working on

●    Implementation of algorithms and solution methods

●    Close user interaction based on lean startup principles

●    Developing APIs in public cloud systems for service integrations

●    Defining business cases to identify the commercial outlook of potential projects

●    Contributing to Visma’s growing ecosystem of AI initiatives by attending conferences

●    And much more! You are given a lot of freedom to prioritize your everyday work based on your passion, interests, and skills

If you are passionate about the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and/or optimization to make real-life improvements for millions of people, Visma Resolve is the place for you. Apply for a full-time position now - we review applications continuously.

Note: Sometimes our emails might end up in your spam filter, so please make sure to keep an eye out.

An optional challenge for the curious

The task is to find the unique letters that should replace the digits 3, 1, 2, and 0. Every letter shall be assigned a unique base-10 digit value. The letters to be used are V, I, S, M, A, P, H, E, N and L. The following restrictions are also given:

  1. A != 1
  2. M != 2.

Solve the following equation to find the corresponding letters:



31203 = ?

Feel free to share your answer with us upon submitting your application.

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