Quant Traineeship at APG

  • APG
  • Amsterdam, Nederland
  • mrt 01, 2021
Traineeship Quantitative Finance Asset Management Risk Management Actuarial Sciences

Job Description

Are you fascinated by the world of investment? Do you go the extra mile for responsible investments? And are you fearless in the face of big, big data? If so, be sure to read this vacancy for the Quant Traineeship at APG.

Your challenge?

As a Quant Trainee at APG Asset Management you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of long term and sustainable investments. As a trainee you start with practical assignments under the supervision of experienced field coaches. We invite you to amaze us by putting your theoretical knowledge into practice. Is there another modelling method, could it be more methodical? Your teammates welcome a new outlook.

Since APG manages the vast majority of investments internally, you can see for yourself what happens in Portfolio Management, Trading, Risk and Asset Liability Management. That is what’s unique about it: APG has all this expertise and knowledge in-house: just ask your Quant colleagues!  

Quote of trainee Tjarko Gorter: “It's really cool that I get to work on many different types of investment: from standard shares, to music rights, to mention an outlier. I’m spoiled for choice! The focus on responsible investments is also really important. APG leads the way when it comes to responsible investment. It’s great to have the chance to play my part in this."

All these investment transactions produce not only practical knowledge, but also an enormous amount of data: unique and proprietary data with a long history. This should come as no surprise, given that that APG has served some of the Netherlands' largest pension funds for decades. As a trainee, you will also be contributing to a social task: pensions for almost 5 million people.

How will your traineeship be shaped?

In the Traineeship of APG:

  • you work on 3 assignments in 2 years.
  • Each assignment lasts 8 months.
  • You take the initiative to complete assignments 2 and 3, responding to current issues and in line with your field of interest.
  • You will undergo a sharp learning curve, personally and professionally.
  • You are assigned your own mentor.
  • You do not have to choose your favorite job until after the traineeship. 

Why your traineeship at APG?

Because APG Asset Management:

  • is the largest pension investor in the Netherlands and among the top five worldwide.
  • Manages most investment and support processes internally.  
  • Owns cool data sets.
  • Offers an ideal environment for orientation and learning.
  • Leads the way in sustainable investment.

What do you bring?

  • A Master's degree in Econometrics, Quantitative Finance, Data Science, Mathematics or an equivalent study, with outstanding study results.
  • A maximum of two years' work experience.
  • An affinity for investing.
  • Broad-ranging extra-curricular development (e.g. committee or board membership, volunteer work).
  • Fluency in English.
  • Advanced coding experience in e.g. Matlab, R or Python.
  • Analytical, ambitious, eager to learn and result-oriented.
  • Able to put your theoretical knowledge into practice, and excellent communicational skills.

The terms of employment?

For pension administrator APG, pension is about people, life and society. APG helps to build a liveable and sustainable future. For today, tomorrow and beyond. 

We offer you excellent employment conditions focused on flexibility and

  • Starting salary of € 3.258 (based on 40 hours)
  • Education and training courses that suit you   
  • Year-end bonus (8,33%) and holiday pay  

Contact and information

More information? Please contact Rob van den Goorbergh or Martin Prins at rob.vanden.goorbergh@apg-am.nl and martin.prins@apg-am.nl . They can tell you more about the job content.

Do you see a future with APG? Apply by 28 March 2021 with an English letter of application and CV and tell us about yourself.