Totta Data Lab


Quantitative Marketing, Data Analist, Consulting

Totta Data Lab is a startup founded in 2015. Our team consists of 7 enthusiastic people, and has a good balance between data scientists and consultants -junior to associate level- and our sales team.

Totta Data Lab focuses on predicting the behaviour of individuals. Using our extensive econometric and machine learning knowledge, we help clients in different sectors make valuable predictions using their (Big) data. This covers a wide range of companies, from fraud forecasting to consumer path segmentation. In the solutions that we offer, we go beyond basic techniques, to make sure that our predictions meet the optimal predictive quality for the problem. With each project, our data scientist work together to challenge and help each other, in the most efficient way possible, realizing the best end result for the client.

Totta Data Lab works with great pride for leading companies. We cater to a wide customer base: ranging from educational institutions to banks and from municipalities to retailers. The diverse field of work is exactly why we are searching for individuals with a broad field of interest and who are enthusiastic about many different clients, with their own challenges and problems.

We are growing fast! This growth can be even further stimulated if we can find the right people to help. Are you an enterprising individual? Do you enjoy a varied customer vase, working on projects from start to finish, and are not afraid to take on challenges? Send an e-mail or a letter with your personal motivation, and we can invite you for an interview.

Take a look at our website for more details about our activities and our customers: The website is unfortunately, not currently available in English, but please feel free to call the office for more information.

Do you want more information or do you have questions? Then contact our office manager via the above-mentioned telephone number.