About Econometrics

In short, Econometrics is a combination of Math and Economics. Where Economics stops, Econometrics goes much further. Econometricians use Economic theories and use these to build mathemathical and statistical models and predict certain phenomenons in Economics. Predictions are often made using these models.

An example could be the stock market, it appears unpredictable but its up to the econometrician to make a well founded prediction. Another example is using online click data to predict whether someone is going make a purchase. Nowadays almost every company uses these predictions for its strategy.

There are six universities that offer the course Econometrics in the Netherlands. The Bachelor cannot be found outside the Netherlands. The universities are spread across the following cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Groningen, Tilburg and Maastricht. In these cities they teach the following Master programs Econometrics.

  • Econometrics & Management Science
  • Actuary
  • Finance Econometrics
  • Logisctic Econometrics
  • Marketing Econometrics

About Econometrie.com

Econometrie.com is a career site intended for students and graduates of econometrics and all affiliated studies. The site provides companies the possibility of keeping students and graduates informed of their internships and more senior positions. Students are invited to browse the site for career opportunities.

This website is owned and maintained by FAECTOR the faculty association for aspiring econometricians at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and one of two faculty associations at Erasmus School of Economics (ESE). Our mission is to enrich the student experience of all econometricians, in the broadest sense of the word. As FAECTOR, we strive to fulfill this ambition by organizing the largest and most diverse portfolio of projects and events available to students of Econometrics in the Netherlands. This has not been without success: since our foundation in 1966 we have been an ever growing association, with more members and projects every year. Now, we are the largest and most prestigious association for Econometrics students worldwide, with more than ten career events and many more activities every year.

With successful events like the Quantitative Finance Tour (QFT), FAECTOR Research Project (FRP), the Econometric Career Days (ECD) and the National Econometrics Day (Landelijke Econometristen Dag), FAECTOR is the best way to establish yourself as an aspiring econometrician!

If you as a company are interested in or if you have any questions about hosting your vacancies on www.econometrie.com, please contact us through the contact page on the site.