Who are we?

RiskQuest is a consultancy firm that specializes in smart risk models that create order in a complex financial world. Our services focus on all aspects of the use of models: data, model development, model validation, policy and strategy. In recent years we have been able to build an impressive customer base. Apart from working for major Dutch financial institutions, we also build our own “in-house” models to service our clients. The type of model used depends on the assignment. For anti-money laundering we build state-of-the-art machine learning models, whilst for credit risk more traditional statistical models are employed.


What do we do?

Our services are divided into different units:


The financial risk modelling unit within RiskQuest focusses on multiple types of risk models used within financial institutions. For example, within credit risk this contains: AIRB models for capital calculations, IFRS9 models for provisioning, and models that focus on acceptance and pricing of loans during application. Within FRM, we are involved in all stages of a model life cycle: construction of the conceptual framework and dataset, model development, validation and we also help with on-sites from the regulator. Therefore, we have a broad view on what is necessary for a successful model development. The work within FRM is very diverse, colleagues have different experiences and can learn a lot from each other.


Financial crime is an ever-changing and illusive enemy. A lot is known about money laundering and other types of financial fraud. However, there are many things yet to be discovered. RiskQuest has experience in developing models to tackle both the known and unknown aspects of financial crime. With our quantitative and technical expertise, we build innovative machine learning models which efficiently detect fraudulent behavior without forgetting the need for explainability.


RiskQuest Navigator is the risk management tool of RiskQuest. It utilizes PSD2 transaction data to analyze the financial situations and risks of companies and consumers. Other players in the industry focus on PSD2 disclosure or data gathering. For us this is merely the start. We commence with this data as our raw material to describe, diagnose and ultimately predict the financial situation of your customer. We leverage our deep expertise delivered by over 40 exclusively quantitatively educated consultants to extract as much information as we can from the data.


Within our Data unit, we perform the full scope of services to prepare datasets. This includes gathering, cleaning, testing and correcting the data. We perform our services for all kinds of financial institutions. These datasets are used by financial institutions in their risk modelling.


RiskQuest consists of a team of 45 ambitious individuals with almost all quantitative backgrounds in econometrics, mathematics and physics. RiskQuest has been growing steadily over the past years and is always looking for more talent. We value social contacts between each other and an informal work environment highly, and combine this with a lot of individual freedom. This will make you feel at home quickly.


Do you want to know what possibilities there are within RiskQuest? Then take a look at: https://jobs.riskquest.com/

feb 01, 2024
RiskQuest Amsterdam, Nederland
How you describe yourself Master’s degree in econometrics, actuarial sciences, mathematics, physics or related studies Experience with programming and analysing large amounts of data using (e.g. Python) A high problem-solving ability and able to distinguish main and side issues You are enthusiastic about all the possibilities that big data offers Excellent communication and writing skills in Dutch and English You want to make an impact and contribute to a better world   What we offer Challenging projects: you are in the lead to deliver success on great risk management projects A horizontal organisation where the lines are short and you can shape the strategy of the organisation Ample room and budget for personal development A fantastic working location in the heart of Amsterdam A great team of 60 smart, inspiring and sociable colleagues Above market primary and secondary...
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