Do you immediately link your neighbor’s new electric car to falling oil prices?

Does stormy weather make your brain work faster?

At Priogen, understanding the energy of things is our core business. In a highly complex energy market, our in-depth scientific approach to price forecasting enables us to distill the exact information needed to make fact-based, future proof and profitable business decisions.

Based in Amsterdam, our 24/7 business operation focusses on short- and medium-term power trading, sourcing and optimizing generation under management.

While many people see the world along political, geographical or financial lines, we believe that energy will shape tomorrow’s view of reality.


We look for the brightest

At Priogen, we do not base our market decisions on gut feeling. Our people are able to translate the highly complex energy environment into forecasting models that are rock solid.

We need people who can make quick decisions to respond to our fast-moving market. Men and women who share our vision and who enjoy a good challenge.


What’s in it for you?

We’re not offering you just a job, we offer you a career. If you’re ambitious and hungry to learn, take the opportunity to grow and flourish in our company’s professional playground.

Follow different tracks, try various business units or positions and find out what it is that you do best. We support your development and want you to succeed!

Whether you start your career at Priogen taking part in our seven-month traineeship or enrich our team with some more seniority, we embrace our flat organization structure in which everybody’s opinion is valued.

Together, we are Priogen: outstanding in our professional performance, rock solid as a team and extremely energizing during (and after!) office hours.

Excited to join? Follow this link to find out more about our current vacancies