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Who is Nielsen, division Pointlogic

Nielsen is a leading global information & measurement company and provides market research, insights & data about what people watch, listen to & buy. In 2016 Nielsen acquired Pointlogic, in order to strengthen its data and planning capabilities, so we co-joined forces, for broader commercial exposure, access to data and talent.

Nielsen, division Pointlogic, formerly known as Pointlogic, A Nielsen Company,  is a  global market leader in strategic marketing solutions and provides customised decision-support systems to improve marketing effectiveness. Our products are backed by powerful analytical methods, extensive research and (big) data to enhance and enrich our customers' marketing tools and processes. 

The combination of software and analytics allows our customers to make more informed strategic and tactical business decisions, ultimately leading to greater ROI from marketing budgets. We have product users in more than 80 countries around the globe, and with our tools, we support the decisions of large advertisers, media owners and media agencies, both on a tactical and strategic level. Pointlogic's head office is in Rotterdam, and now thanks to Nielsen, our commercial force extends beyond our former offices in London, New York, Singapore and Sao Paulo, covering a Global presence.


Working at Nielsen, division Pointlogic   

If you join us, you will work in an exciting media and marketing world, which combines creativity, mathematics, econometrics and marketing analytics to maximum effect. We are a team of 100+ (and growing) energetic, highly educated people with backgrounds in mathematics / econometrics, software development & IT, business administration and market research. A bunch of smart heads? Maybe a little, but foremost we are a highly motivated and creative team that works hard to finish the job. An open atmosphere, mutual respect, time for social contacts and time for fun are important ingredients within our company. Are we a match? 

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Nielsen, division Pointlogic Rotterdam, Nederland
jun 09, 2020
Thesis Internship
THE RECRUITING PROCESS FOR THIS POSITION IS TEMPORARILY STOPPED DUE TO THE COVID-19 CRISIS. At this moment all our student assistant positions are filled, but we would like to keep this vacancy open for the students that are interested for an internship/student assistant position after the summer. By then, some of our interns will finish their theses, and we will have new topics ready for students that are creative and eager to solve data puzzles.  About Nielsen, division Pointlogic Nielsen, division Pointlogic helps customers with decision making in the area of media and marketing. Our main assets are Nielsen data and advanced analytics capabilities. Nielsen’s office from Rotterdam has a data science team of about 25 people with backgrounds in  econometrics / operations research / mathematics. We often have opportunities for students to either work solely on writing their thesis project (part of their MSc curriculum), on internal...