At Pacmed we build decision support tools for doctors, based on the analysis of vast volumes of medical data. Using Machine Learning, this software presents doctors the expected outcomes of different treatments, based on the results of the treatment of similar patients in practice. Pacmed resulted from the Dutch National ThinkTank 2014 on Big Data for societal benefits and is now a fast-growing AI start-up that won multiple awards and, more importantly, has a lot of traction in Dutch health care. Many General Practitioners are using our software and we are developing machine learning algorithms in Oncology, Cardiology, Psychiatry and at the Intensive Care Unit. Pacmed’s team consists of machine learning and medical experts working together from our office in the amazing FreedomLab campus at the Plantage Middenlaan in Amsterdam

Pacmed Amsterdam, Nederland
jul 31, 2020
Job description As a Data Science intern at Pacmed you directly contribute to Pacmed's mission: making healthcare more personal and precise with advanced machine learning and statistics. At Pacmed we offer two kinds of internships. The first is a  feasibility study  internship. In such an internship you will be responsible for developing a prediction model for a new medical problem. You will be responsible for preprocessing the raw medical data, training and testing a prediction model and regularly interacting with medical experts. Examples are: C an we predict the outcome of different treatment options for prostate cancer ?  Can we predict which patients safely can be taken off mechanical ventilation at the ICU? The second type of internship is a  research internship . In such an internship you will be responsible for advancing the models that are already developed at Pacmed, by applying novel machine learning techniques....