"Zullen we anders gewoon een bank oprichten?" Geen alledaagse gedachte die in 2012 ten grondslag lag aan de oprichting van Knab. Alledaags zijn we nog steeds niet. Dat merk je bijvoorbeeld aan onze naam, maar ook aan ons belangrijkste doel: een zo hoog mogelijke klanttevredenheid.

Knab wil dat mensen weer zélf grip krijgen op hun geld en inzicht hebben in hun financiële toekomst. Dat doet Knab voor steeds meer geldzaken. Van reguliere bankzaken zoals betalen, sparen en beleggen tot hypotheekaanbieders vergelijken, hypotheekadvies krijgen en het afsluiten van een hypotheek. Maar ook verzekeringen vergelijken en tips krijgen om oververzekeren te voorkomen. Knab helpt klanten met hun vragen via de servicedesk van 08.00 tot 22.00 uur, zowel telefonisch als online. Knab wijst klanten proactief op financieel voordeel, ook wanneer dat bij een andere aanbieder dan Knab is. Knab werkt in jouw voordeel.

Knab Hoofddorp, Nederland
feb 20, 2019
Data-driven advice is at the heart of our service. We believe that new (data) technology and techniques will help us in better serving our customers. Therefore we invest in a cloud based Data Lake and Data Science Lab. Also, machine learning and advanced analytics models are seen as key tools. In the Data Science Lab you get the freedom to develop and test your data streams, publication sets, models, based on streams of data that arrive automatically. Both linear and logistic models and the more complex neural networks can be applied, as long as these models can be brought into production and deliver added value to the customer. Here's a little taste of your challenge... Setup, deployment and productionizing of data-intensive systems in close collaboration with our Data Scientists and Cloud Engineers. Engineering systems, from the OS-level to big data clusters. Develop data pipelines including transformation and pre-processing. Work in multidisciplinary teams of marketers, online marketers, analysts and developers, so that you are closely involved in the business. The team You will be part of the data and analysis team with data analysts and data scientists. You will work closely with our Product Owner data lake and our cloud engineers. In this position you will report to the manager analytics. Your profile There is no set route to become a great Data Engineer at Knab. But to be successful in this role, this is the kind of profile we have in mind: Hands-on experience managing distributed systems and clusters. Programming in scripting languages, e.g. Python, and statically typed programming languages i.e. Java, Scala. Complex Extract Transform Load (ETL) pipelines (Airflow preferred). AWS: EMR, ECS, EC2, Lambda. Deployment and provisioning automation tools. We offer If you come to work with us, Knab will become a significant part of your life. Therefore we make sure the ambiance is as just as exciting as your job. Character . A young, fast-growing online bank. No grey suits and briefcases, but service-driven co-workers that push their service to the limits. Office . Spacious, light, open. With its own bar and entertainment room. These are just a few of the characteristics of our brand new office in Amsterdam. Lunch . All-you-can-eat for a fixed price and of the highest quality. The choice is so overwhelming that you regret picking the same things over and over. Salary . We promise a compensation that is more than just a deposit in your account. Discount on mortgages and insurance, a super-duper pension scheme and of course a free Knab payment account. Mobility . If you reach Knab easily by public transportation, you will get an all-expenses paid commute card (up to 60kms). If the car is your last resort, you will get a compensation based on the single-journey kilometers (up to 60 kms). Devices . You'll get them if you need them for your work. They do come with an off-switch. Please use it accordingly. Holiday . Need some new Insta-material? The minimum amount of holiday days is 26 for fulltime employment. Feel free to add some more from your flexible budget. More information? If you're interested in a position at Knab, apply directly! Interviews will take place in our (current) Hoofddorp office. An e-assessment and pre-employment screening are standard part of the procedure. In case you have any questions, please contact our Recruiter, Vincent through 06 12 4007 43.