EyeOn is a specialized consultancy firm that improves the bottom-line results of customers by improving their forecasting and planning capabilities. We have built up an enviable reputation with well-known multinational organizations like Abbott, ASML, DSM, Heineken, Johma, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Lotus Bakeries, Philips and many others.

As planning experts we can make a significant contribution to the efficiency and effectiveness of the business planning. What characterizes us is our expertise in planning processes, strength in project management and organizational flexibility. We realize concrete improvements in defined planning processes to establish more efficient processes and achieve better results. EyeOn consists of four operational units including FMCG, High Tech, Life Science and Process.


EyeOn is a no-nonsense organization and an informal, close-working team of highly qualified professionals. This is reflected in the active knowledge-sharing and various social activities. EyeOn’s headquarter near Eindhoven offers an exclusive and stimulating environment to reach a top team performance.

nov 07, 2022
EyeOn 5735 Aarle-Rixtel, Nederland
As a consultant planning services you are responsible for the implementation of the planning cycle at a set of multinational customers. On a monthly basis – where you are an integral part of their S&OP cycle – you provide our customers with the best possible forecast based upon historical sales data.  Your role as consultant planning services In your daily work you are delivering the best possible forecasting service to our customers. When you start a forecasting service for a new customer you iniate this a project of several months. After the implementation project has finished and when the service is running you are constantly working on improving the forecasting and planning processes by applying quantitative models in a smart way. The emphasis here is on statistical forecasting and your working areas are demand management, promotion planning and inventory management. You will be responsible and take care for process performance and satisfaction...