KYOS' mission, since our start in 2008, has been to serve professionals in the energy business (power and natural gas) or those working with commodities, with superior models to aid with decision-making.

Our analytical software -embedded in the KYOS Analytical Platform- is based on a thorough understanding of energy markets and strong financial-mathematical algorithms. Our customers are mostly large international companies in the energy and commodity industries. They operate across Europe and beyond, and use our solutions to make optimal investment decisions, manage price risks, optimize the use of their assets (power plants, energy storage, renewable power projects and PPAs), make optimal trading decisions, and assess future market price scenarios.

Customers use our software, but approach us for individual consulting assignments as well. The challenges faced by energy market participants increasingly require a combination of quantitative models and a thorough understanding of market developments. All of this must be supported by high-quality data and continuous research.

We are an international team of almost 40 people, working on quant model development and a range of different international consulting projects. Our office is based in the center of Haarlem, the Netherlands, where most of our people are based.