Infinity Recycling

About us

At Infinity Recycling, we run a growth capital fund that creates markets for end-of-life waste streams by investing in advanced recycling technologies. Our fund was established to bring a return-driven approach to sustainability with the objective of ending the global plastic waste problem. We invest in technologies that transform waste into chemical feedstock, creating a circular loop that offers significant financial and
environmental returns.


Our road to circular economy

Our small team consists of seven professionals, who have successful careers in diverse fields, but share the common belief that action is necessary to make a difference. Our collective experience in fields such as commodity trading, corporate finance and ESG, allows us to provide considerable value to the companies we invest in by helping them
convert valuable IPs into profitable and scalable businesses. As an impact fund, achieving our impact goals is just as important as delivering financial returns. We believe that creating a measurable impact with our investments is the key to success in creating a true circular economy. Are you ready to join us on this journey and make a meaningful impact?