We love challenging problems. And we love to solve them.

About us

We have customers who struggle with some of the most challenging and complex mission-critical problems every single day. Our job is to find those customers, identify their problems and solve them. By dedicating ourselves to the latest research within artificial intelligence, particularly machine learning and optimization, we seek to significantly improve the operations of our customers within healthcare, education and the private sector.

By empowering clients with user-friendly, analytical tools in the cloud, we radically transform their manual processes into competitive advantages, enabling them to make powerful and informed decisions. In particular, we provide optimization services in route planning, school timetabling, kindergarten admission, and workforce management.

Join the team

If you care about the societal impact of your work and possess the diverse set of skills needed to adequately solve complex, real-world problems, we are very interested in getting to know you. We look for highly skilled people with a passion to challenge the status quo. If you have a background from optimization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, infrastructure, or cloud technology, get in touch with us.


For more information, check out our website and feel free to contact us via martin.vanmeerkerk@visma.com or anders.vandvik@visma.com.