Renewable Energy Fuels (Refuels)

Refuels is a fast-growing European biomethane sourcing and supply company which captures the full value chain from the producers of biomethane to the end-users, which are predominately in the heavy transport. Our mission is to become the leading biomethane partner to the transport sector in Europe.

Biomethane has an exceptionally low environmental footprint and is playing an increasingly important role in the energy transition to a low carbon world. Refuels captures this growth by continually improving our value proposition to our customers and by managing and operating the full biomethane value chain, from sourcing and aggregation of supply, through to advisory services to enable growth and down-stream access.

Refuels has built and managed a large biomethane sourcing portfolio over the years. To secure sufficient biomethane for increasing market demand, Refuels will further diversify its supply from European producers and intends to seek opportunities for principal investment into production assets in Europe.