Inchainge BV

Inchainge is a spin-off of a consultancy in the field of Supply Chain Management, and it has its roots in the creation of the business simulation game, The Fresh Connection.

After its initial launch in the Netherlands, 11 years ago Inchainge started to focus on marketing The Fresh Connection globally, and using it to build the best supply chain learning experience possible. In the past years, we have developed two more business simulation games: The Cool Connection, focusing more on financials (working capital management / Integrated Business Planning), and The Blue Connection, focusing on the circular transition of a company.

Nowadays, we are fully committed to developing Value Chain Leaders, and for that purpose we offer business simulation games that educate participants on all aspects of the value chain. Our business simulation games focus on what we truly believe to be vital for every organization: Alignment.

We have an extensive network of delivery partners on every continent, and we are continually organizing relevant events for educational institutions and corporate businesses. The track record of Inchainge includes top corporates and universities globally. We like working in a creative and free space in which fresh ideas are very welcome!